"Carve Yourself Out From The Crowd"
A jam-packed day of learning how you can easily earn more money by using consistent personal branding,
grow your audience, and attract the attention of your ideal audience.
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Natalie Cousins

Business Consultant, Real Estate Agent and Home Stager

Greg Turner

Founder of Supersize Your Business and Author

Yomi Marcus

Health coach, Teacher, Author, and Speaker
Friday, June 8, 2018
10:00am -4:00pm EST
2 County Court #400, Brampton Ont. L6W 3X7
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What will I get out of this session?

Stand Out In Your Industry

Attracting the right clients is a lot easier than chasing them. Learn how to do that at the Action Think Tank

If you want to stand out from the competition then this workshop is for you. Here are the 3 pillars to start with.

Health Communication Marketing

The most successful in your industry master all 3 of these pillars. You can too. 

Without your Health, you will slowly burn out so we will teach you the following;

Learn how to choose the best foods, create balanced meals, and meal prep for better health

Learn how to increase energy and raise productivity in your life and business.

Learn how to release excess weight and reduce harmful toxins and inflammation from your body.

Learn effective full-body exercises you can do at your home or office to help tone and strengthen your body

Learn 5 simple habits you can easily implement now to get closer to your fitness goals.

Learn how to take control of your health and find time in your busy schedule  for exercise

Communication is key and if you want to create loyal, long-term clients who eagerly work with you over and over Again, Then you'll need to know:

*The most effective (and authentic) ways to grow your authority and visibility. *Why social media marketing is never “a waste of time”–and how you can make real connections on whatever platform you already use and love *What to share on social media to build the know, like and trust factor with your followers fast–and which topics kill connection instantly *The #1 way you’re holding yourself back from attracting a loyal, loving audience and potential long-term clients–and how to get over it, for good *Little-known ways smart business owners stand out and become unforgettable to others quickly–yes, even if they’re fresh on the scene or in a crazy-crowded market!

Having a fundamental Marketing strategy will have your business doing leaps and bounds you will learn; * 3 steps you can take to become the ‘IT’ brand for your industry. * Lead magnet ideas you can use to attract new prospects every day.  * Social media strategies you can use to make others see your business as unique.

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A little bit about our speakers
Natalie Cousins
Natalie Cousins is a sincere and empathetic business consultant. Natalie is responsible for empowering and redefining businesses in the Real Estate industry worldwide with a strategic approach and sound policies to achieve a notable level of success. A licensed Real Estate agent and visionary of dynamic success seminars, webinars, and courses, Natalie gets-up each day with the motivation of helping new and existing businesses soar through their fears and hurdles.
Natalie coherently believes that all businesses have distinctive challenges – that is why she utilizes her vast knowledge and comprehensive consulting principles that she has developed and effectively applied for over 15 years in experience to deliver more business potency and value to her clients.
She is the recipient of the prestigious Certificate of Performance from House Capades Show on the Fox29 Network for her Home staging work and receives continuous praise for her consulting work. Natalie enjoys cooking, listening to music, traveling and spending time with her family and friends when she’s not consulting with her Design and Real estate clients.
If you are new or seasoned in the real estate industry and you are facing challenges to stand out from the crowded market and you want to be seen, known, and get consistent clients, Contact Natalie and she will work with you and show you how with her 6 level pyramid system in her 90-Day Transformation Blueprint program.
Greg Turner
Gregory Turner is the author of the book Supersize Your Business, the digital marketing guide to transform leads to profits.  He is also the founder of Supersize Your Business, a marketing agency that helps businesses generate leads and convert those leads into customers.
He is a consummate entrepreneur and a certified customer acquisition specialist who has been using technology to find solutions to challenges facing small and medium sized businesses for over 10 years.
If you are an entrepreneur or business owner/manager who has challenges differentiating your brands from your competitors or finding enough customers for your business, you should speak to Gregory. He will show you how to tap into growing trends influencing consumer behavior, that will bring your product to the forefront of their consciousness.
Yomi Marcus
Yomi Marcus is a Heart-centered Health coach, teacher, author, and speaker. She is an advocate for healthy living and fitness because she believes it is the direct link to happiness, confidence, personal connection, and freedom. Yomi helps individuals and groups reach their health and fitness goals by guiding them through physical workouts while touching on the mental processes to create healthy lasting habits. Yomi truly believed the body was made for movement and that every single one of us deserves to create an effective healthy lifestyle that works for their unique lifestyle. She is committed to supporting you as you start and begin to succeed in your fitness journey and start living the lifestyle you love.
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